Services for our client companies

Personnel leasing

We lease professional, skilled workforce for various types of construction and insdustrial tasks, i.a. prefacast industry and construction sites. The undisputed benefits of utilizing leased employees are:

  • Speed, a professional employee without a long search process
  • Affordability, payment by the hour
  • Opportunity to focus on the core business
  • Continuity of operations under all conditions: absences, substitutions and seasonal fluctuations
  • Possibility to utilize a wide network of professionals

We aim to make one month contracts at minimum.

Direct recruitment

Direct recruitment is an excellent option when you need a professional for a long term employment, a foreman position or expert tasks. We will expertly conduct the entire recruitment process.

We can also customize a cost-efficient, lighter service. The client can choose to carry out a part of the recruitment process.


We are a skilled partner when you are looking to outsource a part of your operations. We a have a wide-ranging experience of varying outsourcing projects. Outsourcing allows for effective, streamlined operations and cost savings while improving quality and service.

Ask about our custom personnel leasing services! Our sales personnel will gladly give additional information.